How do I Commission Something?

I am happy to take on commissions as I enjoy making artwork of places or things which have a special meaning for the client. I can work from photographs (supplied on paper, or emailed electronically), and will always discuss the subject of the painting with you and what sort of size medium may suit the image best. I can supply commissioned work unframed, and advise on suitable framing options, or I can take care of the framing for you as well if you prefer.  


Please get in touch by email to if you would like to discuss a commission - small or large. 

Recent commissions 

Paintings on Wood Panel


Family painting, on a favourite beach. 

Acrylic and oil paint, on wood panel


A favourite beach in Portugal.

Oil on wood panel

Commissioned as a 60th birthday present.  


"Paddy", 30 x 30 x 0.4cm, acrylic on wood panel

Christmas, 2018

Set of three paintings of "The Meadows, Edinburgh", commissioned as a Christmas present, 2018. All acrylic on 15 x 15 x 0.4cm wood panel. 




This painting was commissioned as a celebration of family memories of holidays spent in Elie, Fife.


It is painted in acrylic and water-miscible oil paint, on wooden panel, 11 x 14inches 

"Ba Bridge"


This painting was commissioned to celebrate  memories of a walk on the West Highland Way.


It is painted in acrylic and water-miscible oil paint on wood panel, 11 x 14inches. This picture includes the frame the client chose for the painting. 

Paintings on Canvas

"Ruby", acryic on canvas panel, 10 x 8"


Commissioned as a celebration of enjoyable cycling in East Lothian


"Blackford Pond, Winter"


Acrylic and oil, on canvas, 10 x 10 inches


This painting was commissioned as a Christmas gift for someone who lives near this nature reserve in Edinburgh, UK 

Paintings on Paper

"In Sarawak"


Acrylic ink, watercolour and acrylic, on paper (Jan 2018)


This painting is an image of the client's parents in their younger days, when they lived in Sarawak, Malaysia.



"The Round Hill"


Acrylic on paper (Sept. 2016)


This picture was commissioned as a reminder of a special place in Ireland where the client lived for many years. 


These two watercolour paintings were commissioned by someone whose father bred rhododendrons and named these two particular breeds after his daughter and grandaughter.

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